Planning for the year to come – life list

I have put together my first “Life List”, according to Chris Guillebeau’s teachings (and a few other things that I just remembered I wanted to do). See: Each element of the one-year list can translate to the epics in Agile programming.

One-year plan
A Get Pregnant
B Redesign life
C Crafts/decorate house
D Go to France and to Korea
E Become better at Chinese
F Reduce plastic
G Plant a garden
X Other random things (Backlog)
Five-year plan
Go to China, possibly live there for a while
Visit more places in the USA (Colorado, Alaska, Yosemite, Yellowstone, Maine?)
Visit more places in and around Europe (including Iceland, Russia, Morocco?)
Be a stay-at-“home” mom
Make more crafts!
Lifetime plan
Live from my own business/crafts
Be financially independent – meaning: most of my income would come from invested money
Visit more countries around the world
Officially move back to France

I have added X as an item to the list, even though it isn’t a goal… it is there to include everything that just needs to get done.

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